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Removing trees and shrubs becomes necessary when the plants are severely injured by storms, when they outgrow their sites or when they become maintenance problems.We can remove any size tree, stump, shrub or bush. No job is too big or too small.Our employees have the proper equipment and training to fell trees safely and avoid damaging property.Once a tree is removed, its stump may be ground out, pulled, or
left alone.

Unlike a tree stump, removing a bush stump seldom requires heavy machinery. If the plant is diseased, it's important to get the stump out as quickly as possible to prevent the disease from spreading.
Mechanical removal of shrub roots is easiest when the ground around the roots is moist or loose and the shrub is fairly small. Where a shrub's root system is extensive or it is a species that tends to re-sprout
vigorously, chemical treatment is generally warranted.

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