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Tree Trimming

We are a family-owned business that operates out of Vermilion, Ohio servicing the surrounding areas. We are a full-service tree trimming company and our team has successfully executed the trimming of trees of diverse types and sizes. Residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal we're equipped to handle whatever your project may be.

Tree trimming and pruning are imperative practices, not just for aesthetic reasons but safety as well. Young trees, often planted too close to homes and structures, pose a risk as they grow, with overhanging branches threatening property integrity and the potential for uprooting. Mike's Tree Service specializes in trimming trees of all types and sizes, preserving their health and reviving their visual appearance. Nearly every property we encounter stands to benefit from the trimming of one or more trees.  Whether it's improving sunlight exposure for a healthier lawn or creating an overall neater appearance, the impact of tree trimming is undeniable. 

Tree Trimming

The process kicks off with our free assessment and quote service, during which our team visits your residence or business to evaluate the job at hand. This involves noting details such as tree type, size, nearby structures, access points, and other specifics essential for the safe and efficient trimming of the tree. Additionally, we take the opportunity to discuss any unique requirements you may have for the job, such as wood removal or stacking, ensuring a tailored and comprehensive service for your needs. Everything we do is satisfaction guaranteed. Fill out the form below for a free estimate.

  • Family-owned and operated

  • Firewood Lorain, County

  • Fully licensed bonded & insured

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

  • Tree trimming Vermilion, Ohio

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