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Emergency Tree Service

We are a family-owned business that operates out of Vermilion, Ohio servicing the surrounding areas. Our team at Mike's Tree Service has successfully executed the removal of fallen trees from many different properties and structures. Residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal we would be happy to safely remove the tree posing danger to your surroundings.

Emergency Tree Service

Here in Northeast Ohio we are subjected to all types of weather. Fallen trees are very dangerous and can disrupt daily activities until they are cleared. DO NOT attempt to remove any fallen trees, they are extremely unpredictable and another element is added when a man made structure is involved. No matter if it's Summer thunderstorms or heavy snow and ice in the Winter we are properly equipped to handle any adverse weather situation and get the job done. Please don't delay contacting us so we can quickly & safely remove the tree posing danger to your home and family.

  • Family-owned and operated

  • Firewood Lorain, County

  • Fully licensed bonded & insured

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

  • Tree removal Vermilion, Ohio

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