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Land Clearing

We are a family-owned business that operates out of Vermilion, Ohio servicing the surrounding areas. Our team at Mike's Tree Service has successfully executed the removal of trees bushes stumps etc of diverse types and sizes. Residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal we're equipped to handle whatever your project may be.


Often, the initial phase of a large project involves land clearance. We provide a range of services, including tree and debris removal, trucking services, stump and rock removal, brush hogging, mowing, ground leveling, and drainage control. We are not only equipped to remove the vegetation but we're also able to do the grading and various site work that is often the next phase in projects like this. Whether you're starting new construction, utility repairs, an access route, or just want your forest area thinned out we are happy to evaluate your project and provide a complimentary quote.

Land Clearing

The process kicks off with our free assessment and quote service, during which our team visits your residence or business to evaluate the job at hand. This involves noting details such as project size, amount of forestry material being removed, access points, and other specifics that ensure an efficient and quality job. Additionally, we take the opportunity to discuss any unique requirements you may have for the job like leaving wood on site. All of our projects are satisfaction guaranteed. Fill out the form below for a free estimate.

Land Clearing - Brush Removal - Underbrush Clearing - Road Clearing - Construction Site Prep - Clearing Around Power Lines  - Residential - Commercial - Developments - Forestry Mulching - Pipeline Right of Way - Fence Line Clearing - Home Site Clearing

  • Family-owned and operated

  • Firewood Lorain, County

  • Fully licensed bonded & insured

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

  • Land clearing Vermilion, Ohio

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